Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man, did I call it or what?

CONFIRMED:  I am Mitt Romney's bad luck charm.  I had a feeling that he would win, but I couldn't say it, because then of course he would lose.

This is about as scientific as "he forgot his lucky jockstrap" analysis in sports.  But hey, I am doing this on my own spare time.

As promised here is a picture of my dog watching a Republican speak. See how interested he is! Turned out to be Mike Huckabee, but John McCain's speech was rudely prempted by the Mittster.

Oh and I switched over the Democratic debate given that Michigan was an easy call for the networks, and that too was a boring debate, although I am still glad there was no Kucinich...thanks Nevada Supreme Court. Really, the three main candidates on the Democratic side agree on the 99% of everything. They all pledge to get combat troops out of Iraq in a year, all will try to get some sort of universal health care, reform the tax code to go after high income earners and corporations, made trade deals more contingent on union and environmental standards, push for more "alternative" energy, etc. The details are slightly different, but as my mom said tonight, they don't get to decide those details. As I have pointed out previously, that's Congress's job. So Dem voters are stuck with deciding based on the theory of change they like best, personality, or demographics... "Electability" which was the key buzzword in 2004, seems to be a foregone conclusion in 2008 in Democratic thinking.

A friend of mine who is a libertarian Republican (but not a Paul supporter I don't think) still sees this as a Hillary-Giuliani race...maybe Hillary, but Giuliani? He got 3% in the GOP race tonight...Dennis Kucinich, Fred Thompson, and Ron Paul all got more support that Mr. 9/11. Heck, Edwards and Obama weren't even on the ballot and their "undeclared" beat Giuliani on the Dem side by more than 10 times the amount...undeclared almost beat Giuliani on the GOP side as well.

Unless Fred Thompson wins South Carolina, I don't see how Giuliani could possibly win Florida. Who ever wins South Carolina or the national front runner (if the two are different now that Mitt won big in Michigan and seems to be focusing on Nevada rather than SC) will win Florida. Neither of those would be Rudy.

Oh and East Coast media, it is nɨˈvæːdə (Nevăda) not Nev-vaaaa-duh. It really annoys us all out West when you say it the wrong way.


Misty Fowler said...

Am I blind? I don't see a dog in the photo.

Oldenburg said...

It is a tough picture to see.

If you look on the bay window, you will see a brown cushion and a tan cushion. Sitting on that tan cushion is my dog. It is hard to see since the binds behind him are a dark brown and his fur is black, but if you look closely you can see his little paw on the tan cushion (one of those round dog beds) and his grey/white beard right above that. He is very small and was not sitting on the couch like I was so it was difficult to get him and the TV in the same shot on my not-so-wide-angle camera.

Jesse Harris said...

It took me all of six months of living in Las Vegas to figure out how peeved folks there get when you pronounce the state's name wrong. Good thing I was only 10 at the time.