Thursday, January 17, 2008

What were they thinking?

The Clintons, like the Obamas, and the Edwards, are lawyers--both candidate and spouse.   But you knew that already.  And you know the talking points about the failed lawsuit to block the at-large precincts along the Vegas strip.

Let's assume for a moment that Bill Clinton is right that these precincts carry an unfairly disproportionate voting power.  

But remember again that lawyer thing.  Bill and Hill didn't just go to any law school, they went to Yale.  And they weren't just "average" Yalies (if there is such a thing), they were first and second in their class (Hillary was first).  And she is the junior Senator from New York.

Just yesterday, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that New York State's crazy law that allows party bosses to effectively pick judges was OK-dokey.  And this wasn't a surprise.  I went to oral arguments and everyone who I talked to who was there was betting 9-0.  The case is a follow up to another case that also said political parties can make up basically any internal rules and keep their First Amendment associational rights.

If they didn't know this, they should have.  Or at least someone on their staff should have.  

I guess my real point in all this is to say the Clinton's knew the lawsuit would probably fail, even if the optics weren't so bad--using one union to block voters from another union after that union doesn't endorse you.  So why join the losing side in advance?

Besides being otherwise brilliant, the Clintons are known by both Republicans and Democrats as having the keenest political mind.  So again, why pick this fight?  

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