Wednesday, August 06, 2008

captive audience

Have you ever filled up your tank and been forced to watch an ad? I did once while driving in another state, and I thought it was incredibly annoying. But I guess it is all the range in lots of states, since you know, those oil companies are only making $12 billion a quarter (or $1,500 a second).

Anyway, Barack Obama is trying really hard to keep Florida in play. Even though he has spent millions more than John McCain (who has spent zero in FL since the primaries) in the state already, John McCain has a significant lead in the Sunshine State. So Obama's new tactic? Do an ad attacking John McCain on energy (and touting Obama's energy plan) on those gas pump TVs.

Here's the ad:

Interesting strategy. In 2004, George Bush advertised on cable channels that fit is supposed voter demographics, like the Golf Channel. He even managed to get himself on some bass fishin' show. Liberal bloggers believe that such microtargeting is a smart tactic that helped Bush win, and that Democrats should mimic this technique. Are Americans sorting themselves by what they watch to such an extent that it is better for Obama to get his mug on those cardboard coffee sleeves than place an ad during American Idol? Not yet, and I don't think it would be a good idea to place political ads in the theaters either, even if it is during another Michael Moore "documentary" or the Passion of the Christ 2: the resurection.

UPDATE: Many gas stations refused Obama's ads because they attacked oil companies' contribtions to John McCain.

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Bekkieann said...

Just a small correction. The ad is an attack on McCain's energy positions and not on McCain personally. We need to be aware of the difference. Policies are fair game and bringing up the opponents position does not constitute an attack.

By the way, I see there is a "Mute" button at my gas station. I hit that and don't listen to any of the ads.