Thursday, August 07, 2008

good thing we test/burn chemical weapons in Dugway

Whether or not you believe that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the lone gunman anthrax mailer...we now have a local connection.
Utah's Dugway Proving Ground produced one of two strains of anthrax that FBI investigators say was used in the deadly September 2001 poison-letter campaign that killed five and injured 17.
The federal investigation once again focuses attention on Utah's chemical and biological testing facility in Tooele County's west desert. It made headlines in March 1968 when a deadly cloud of nerve gas drifted off the base and killed 6,000 sheep grazing on the west slopes of the Stansbury Mountains.
Poison-letter campaign? So how did he get anthrax from Dugway? How does it move from Dugway, Utah to Fort Detrich, Maryland? Someone please explain this to me.

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In high school, I played basketball games against Dugway, at least one in Dugway (and I played other games in nearby Grantsville). And the air out there was terrible...I don't care what the government says, it isn't healthy.

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