Thursday, July 11, 2013


How come Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid always seems to have missed the longer strategic view, and is out maneuvered by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell? Even back when Reid was running circles around Bill Frist, McConnell was happy because that made the day he was in charge come sooner. 

Now Reid is going to go "Nuclear" and the Senate Parliamentarian rule the fillibuster unconstituitonal. Too bad it is about four years too late for it to matter for dozens of important issues. And yet I cannot help but thinking this is exactly what McConnell wants him to do: get regular appointees in, but lose the war over judges. 

Not that President Obama has helped Reid much. The President has been so slow to nominate that even if the Senate were to confirm all his nominees tomorrow (and that won't happen), there would still be dozens of vacancies in his administration and the judiciary to fill. Obama has already been in office for four years, it is pretty inexcusable. Almost as if he were a little....behind. 

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