Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's a ruse

Part of me thinks all of this talk about Larry Summers versus Janet Yellen for Federal Reserve Chair is sham debate. The more Obama talks up Summers and liberal Congressional Democrats attack the former President of Harvard, the more I think some one else is Obama's real choice. <A href="">Maybe it is this guy</a>. 

A good example of what I am talking about is the nomination of Richard Cordray instead of Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Or how John Kerry was nominated for Secretary of State and Susan Rice was left to take the heat for Republican crazed attacks about Benghazi. Except this time, he hopes liberal Democrats, not Republicans are the targets for the bait and switch.  

But the constant theme has been that Obama has thrown Women to the wolves. This time, my theory is that a woman still won't get the job, but neither will Obama's alleged first choice. We will find out if I am right in September.

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