Thursday, May 27, 2004

This just in from Captain Obvious

CBS News reports that a Kerry/McCain ticket would crush a Bush/Cheney ticket 53% to 39% (just Kerry by himself against Bush is 49-41) according to their poll. The chattering class of Washington reporters say two things to this: 1) McCain's ego is too big to be second fiddle; and 2) Even if he would, party regulars would balk at a pro-life running mate.

While there may be some truth to Number 1 (which is why The Third Avenue recommends tapping the Arizona Senator for Secretary of Defense) Number 2 is far off base. Democrats are so desperate to win that they will have just about anyone on the ticket to defeat Bush, and McCain these days is acting more like a moderate Democrat than even the moderate Democrats. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, not exactly known for her moderation on Abortion is quoted as saying "There are pro-Life Democrats in the House" i.e. what's the big deal, as long as a Kerry administration wouldn't reverse Roe v Wade.

More and more high up Democrats (Joe Biden types) are infatuated with the idea of a "unity government" by inviting moderate Republicans into the cabinet like John McCain and Chuck Hagel to some how end the era of extreme partisanship that started when Slick Willie came to town. Maybe they watch too much British parliament on C-SPAN late a night (I know I do..."Will the right honorable gentleman from Hampshire concede that he is a bloody moron?" "Hear, Hear!" [great stuff]), or maybe they are onto something.

Aren't we all tired of this Witch Hunt? Washington really does have the feel of Salem, Massachusetts these days. But instead of being discovered as a Witch it is as a moderate or conciliator with the other party or just the other party (when it comes to the GOP schemes like "the K street project"). This is part of the reason why I left. It gets to be too exhausting and if it weren't real, would be laughable.

The rest of the country doesn't think like this. They are ready for real change and don't want to be spun any more. If Kerry can trick McCain into joining the ticket, Bush should start getting out the boxes and order the U-haul in advance.

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