Monday, August 30, 2004

GOP Convention, day 1

Wow, I am very unimpressed.

I didn't get a chance to watch Senator McCain, but I am watching Rudy and it is so very sad.

There is nothing of substance in his speech; here is the formula: 9-11, 9-11, terrorism, Saddam Hussien, John Kerry flip flops (with the entire audience laughing at Sen Kerry), you can't trust Kerry to keep you safe, 9-11, terrorism, amen. (oh they ran 25 minutes over)

There is nothing about what Bush has to offer for his second term or any domestic policies, or any policies either. Basically, it was to defend Bush's foriegn policy. There was nothing positive at all. It had the feel of a high school teen angst movie, where the pretty-ugly girl is being made fun of by the pretty girl who will ultimately get her comeuppance (maybe I was influenced by the movie I watched the last few minutes of Jawbreaker). I have also decided that when push comes to shove, GOPer are fundamentally immature. Oh and by the way, a "Nation of Courage" is a terrible slogan; "Hope is on the Way" actually is positive and makes sense.

How is George W. Bush going to convince Middle America to vote for him? By making Kerry seem even worse than him? CNN tried hard to say nice things, but I could see from their body language that they thought it was a terrible evening (0ne shook their head). The only thing they managed to say honestly was that Rudy went on too long. Bill Schneider is talking about how the choice of NYC was a big mistake because it shows how many people disapprove of Bush for all his behavior and the failure of Bush to live up to 2000 pledge to be a "uniter not a divider"

Democrats were sad that Kerry muzzled the Bush bashing, but it seem Bush isn't holding his crowd back. When Democrats critiquted Bush, it was his policy, not his character, unlike GOPers.

My friends at the convention (the bloggers) have basically the same impression. But you should still read them because they can tell you about the protestors, while I just have to read their blogs. But I having trouble suppressing vomiting after watching that travesty of a convention.

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