Thursday, September 02, 2004


sorry loyal readers. I have been derelict in my duties of commentary and general posting because I was so damned tired yesterday. Wednesday's start at 7:35 AM for me and end at 4:45 PM. I know I shouldn't be complaining, many people work much harder than I do.

I tried to watch the convention, I really did. But it just makes me ill to hear them spouting their anger like that. There is no vision for the future or policy critique, just the twisting of roll calls or statements to say that you can't trust John Kerry. Why is their convention about Kerry, shouldn't it be about Bush? The only nice thing they say about him is about Terrorism and "moral clarity" some how insinuating that Democrats are immoral. They don't talk about Jobs, or Healthcare, or Fiscal policy or environmental policy or foreign policy (other than the War on Terror and Iraq).

Maybe Bush tonight will say something about why he should be reelected. He claims in his ads that he knows "exactly where to lead this country" but hasn't felt inclined to share that direction with us, until tonight. If it is the same direction we have been going in (my bet), the majority of Americans believe it is the Wrong Track. According to media sources and Matt Stoller's infiltration, Bush is going to appeal to married white women big time, primarily with "Flextime" legislation.

All I have to say is, too little too late. Democrats have pushed for this kind of thing for ages. I believe it was GOPers who tried to block paid family leave, upon request of their big business friends. Flex-Time is already the norm in many companies and the need to such legislation is not as dire. Simply put, it is classic Bush: a photo-op.

Republicans can talk all they want about "Family Values" (which is code for Right-Wing Christian beliefs) but if they don't start valuing families, there isn't much behind it. We aren't going to put prayer in schools (unless you count the Pledge of Allegiance), creationism, abstinence-only/no sex education, and so in all of America's schools. That is not what these married white women will go for. The ones that do are already in Bush's camp.

Democrats of course need to minimize the trend of married white women voting with their spouses, who tend to go 60-40 GOP and turn out the unmarried women in droves (because they are like 80-20 Democrats). I agree with those GOP pollsters that Women are the key to this election. Whether they act like sheep to their NASCAR husbands, or whether they want their kids (and their friends kids) to get out of this mess in Iraq will decide who is president.

Incidently, "W" doesn't stand for Women. "W" stands for Walker, and George Walker Bush stands for Corporate Cronism. In fact, he is their poster-child.

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