Saturday, September 04, 2004

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I didn't end up watching Bush's prime time speech, nor did most of this red-state that I live in. Why? The University of Utah football team was playing Texas A&M for their home opener. Since Rick Majerius retired due to poor health, this basketball town has been starved for a winner. The Jazz didn't manage to get into the playoffs this spring, so now everyone's hopes are pinned on the 19th ranked Utes football team. And they crushed those Aggies, 41-21, using mostly backups in the 4th quarter. Supposidly 35 million people saw this on ESPN.

Anyway, I read some of the line from his speech and it seemed somewhat stirring but mostly the same old vacuous promises. Slate's Saletan was right on the money saying the speech was asking people to give Bush another shot by ignoring or blaming someone else for the last 3.5 years. Bush says he wants accountability in schools (which must be why he hired a Education Secretary whose city defrauded students of an education by cooking the books to have low dropout numbers...Houston Miracle indeed) but none for himself appearantly.

And if you follow nutbar ex-Democrat Zell Miller's logic, we shouldn't even be having an election since there is a war on. Gee, I think FDR had elections, didn't Lincoln too, and that was during the Civil War. In short, I am glad I didn't watch, I might have thrown stuff at the TV.

This weekend I am watching the media sell Bush landslide via one suspecious poll by TIME that has him up 11 when 2 other polls have him up 3 or so points. Don't loose sleep yet, DC Democrats. Instead of whinning to your media sources, get off your butt and campaign for Kerry-Edwards.

Bill Clinton has an excuse. All those trips to McDonald's finally caught up with the poor guy. My prayers and best wishes are with him and the rest of the Clinton family. George W. Bush was classy yesterday, by the way, to share his prayers and wishes with this hard-right wing crowd at a rally. Reports of boos were false, although the right-wing shock jocks basically said Clinton was trying to step on Bush's post-convention bounce. Yeah I am sure that he would stoop to open heart double bypass surgery to reduce Dubya's bounce. That is about as convincing as saying Vince Foster was killed by the Clinton's...oh wait they did say that. Maybe that was one of Rush's drug induced statements.

Anyway, I should get going, I have basketball and homework over this long weekend. Aloha!

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