Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sign they're scared, number 257

OK, so I haven't been counting, but you get the idea.

Despite Gallap saying that Bush is steamrolling Kerry (even though every other poll shows him up by about 3-5 points, all within the margin of error.) 52%-44% among LVs and 54%-41% among RVs [In a 3-way race, Bush has the same 52%-44% lead among LVs with Ralph Nader receiving 3%. Among RVs, Bush is leading 53%-42% with Nader at 3%.], there are other real signs that Bush's re-elect team is not so Viva.

My example today is an RNC website describing why Kerry is wrong for LDS voters (Mormons) to vote for in Novemeber, called KerryWrongforMormons.com. Mormons are some of the Republican party's most loyal voters; sure there are many who are Democrats, like Nevada Senior Senator Harry Reid, but the vast majority vote Republican on social issues like Abortion, Gay marriage, etc. This is akin to the DNC having a website saying why Bush is wrong for African-Americans, who vote a bit more loyally for Democrats than Mormons for GOPers (they vote for Civil Rights and Economic issues). Read the details on the article and GOP spin here.

Yesterday Slate's Chris Suellentrop points out Bush is trying to seem invincible again, which is another sign that they are worried. Didn't Bush "seem" unbeatable in late 1999, before getting smashed in New Hampshire; and didn't he "seem" invincible in October of 2000, and he lost the popular vote (and controversally won the electoral college by 2 votes, one if you count the US Supreme Court 5-4 decision).

And in other political news, A "cluster of political Web sites" and the NY Post has suggested that gay-bashing IL SEN's Alan Keyes' (R) 19-year-old daughter, Maya, "has herself come out as a lesbian"

Finally, my quote of the day from former Saddam visiting, human bomb shield, and Academy Award winning Sean Penn "I've been in Cleveland and it has been my secret destination many times when I've rented cars from New York and said to somebody, lets go to Cleveland" -- Sean Penn, campaigning for Kucinich

BONUS: Headline of the Day! "Cemetery Hopes For Bush Visit" -- Daily Oakland Press headline (9/28).

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