Friday, October 01, 2004

Everybody's Workman for the Weekend, continued

Another Friday, another bad poll for SL County Mayor Nancy Workman.

As the Salt Lake Tribune writer Thomas Burr points out, "Corroon, Cook and 'Undecided' all have substantial leads over the embattled county mayor."

Here's a poll trendline via the Tribune to help you get an idea of the race:

Despite spending $125,000 into new campaign commercials, attacking SL County District Attorney Dave Yocum, blanketing the airwaves with ads and interviews, she still finds herself in a big, big hole.

The Tribune's poll reports that "Republicans are splitting their votes among the three candidates, with Cook garnering slightly more than his opponents. Corroon has 70 percent of the Democrats' backing and nearly half the independent voters. LDS voters back each candidate about the same."

"I don't think there is much chance for her to get her numbers up and even come close to a win," Bart Barker, a former GOP Salt Lake County commissioner, said. "Regardless of what happens in the courts, the damage has been done and is permanent."

Cook's take? "Right now, there's still a lot of question of what could happen to Mayor Workman. Our momentum will really begin when people understand this race is between myself and Peter Corroon." You better hope so buddy.

Meanwhile, Peter Carroon is finding his niche and offered a ethics plan, something the county really needs.

  • In-depth and timely audits of all county departments.

  • Permanent independent, bipartisan ethics panel.

  • Ban on all gifts from outside sources.

  • Detailed conflict of interest disclosures for all employees, officials and board members.

  • Registration of all lobbyists.

  • Prohibition on vehicle perks for top officials.

  • Open meetings - with few exceptions - in executive branch.

  • Mandatory ethics training for employees.

  • Annual employee oath.

  • Additionally, Corroon wants to cap campaign donations ($5,000 for countywide races, $2,000 for district races), forbid donations from county vendors, file bank statements with campaign disclosures and bar campaign funds for personal use.

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