Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Workman v. Yocum, part deux

The Salt Lake Tribune today reveals that acting SL County Mayor Alan Dayton has signed an affidavit stating that Yocum told him he was going to "get" Workman here's the meaty part of the exchange:

Yocom: I can get her.
Dayton: On what?
Yocom: It doesn't matter. A mere investigation can ruin someone. I've seen it happen before.

For his part, SL County AG David Yocom says the conversation did not happen in that "context" and flat out denies that he is on a mission to take out Workman. "That was not the conversation I had with Dayton," he said Tuesday night.

Maybe this will move Workman a bit higher, she has since recovered from the 12% low I showed a while back, and it up to 23%, but Carroon still is up 42%, Cook is at 21% and 21% is undecided, but I doubt most of them will go towards the incumbent. I would say, a good chunck will go towards Cook and then Carrooon, but most won't even vote.

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