Sunday, November 14, 2004

I like Gov-elect Huntsman

While I didn't vote for him, today's SL Tribune article really made me glad he is going to be there over other GOPers.

"With moderate public statements in favor of the failed open space initiative, promises to push legislation to guarantee legal rights for unmarried people with shared financial interests and plans to soften the hard edge of Utah's liquor regulations, Huntsman faces a potential political problem."

It goes on to blab about how conservatives voted for him overwhelmingly and Moderates and Liberals overwhelmingly for Matheson (guess who outnumbers whom in Utah).

Huntsman will support school vouchers unfortunately, but hopefully they will be as limited as possible. Despite what the supreme court said in the Cleveland case, I think they are unconstitutional and bad social policy on top of that.

Vouchers were made an issue so that he could get out of the primary, where each ticket tried to out crazy-right wing the other. Smart GOPers knew that Hunstman stood the best chance against Matheson who raised $2M for the race.

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