Saturday, November 13, 2004

a series of unfortunate events

So Today, my fiancee and I decided to go to my parent's house to watch the Utes football game on the big screen. My Mom is out in CA visiting her sister on my Aunt's 60th birthday, so my Dad needed some looking after.

The game was supposed to start at 5pm on ABC. That's right national TV, with the 7th BCS ranked Utes. So we got there at 4:52 and helped him set up the food for some friends of his that were coming too. Then they showed a overtime game (Texas A&M) which is fine, go Aggies, it helps the Utes.

Then it got weird. Somehow the power was out in Wyoming, where the Utes (the name of a Native American groups) were playing the "Cowboys." So no lights, no game? On the day where number 5 Wisconsin (or was it 4) lost and number 6 Texas barely beat an average team Kansas? Coach Urban "I'm the hottest coach in college football" Meyer was pissed.

ABC doesn't know what to do, so they yap for about 30 minutes in a post-game show. Then the local sports anchor comes on and says they are going to show Access Hollywood (whose topic was 70s/early 80s TV shows). Then they start showing last year's National Championship. It scrolls across the screen that the game starts 6:50, nearly 2 hours late.

So ok whatever it took them two hours to get the lights on. Here's the kickoff...And there's snow...Apparently there is not enough power to work the equipment which got short circuited by the power outage. Back to last year's national championship under the local sports guy on ABC comes on and says Harry Potter until we get this working.

Meanwhile, we get no signal at my parents house for the AM radio of the Utes, and somehow pick up Wyoming radio. Later, I manage to find the internet stream of the Utes radio. My Dad's friends go home and call on their cell that their car radio picks up the signal just fine.

At halftime, I go home and listen on the radio. On the radio, the semi-senile Announcer Bill Marcroft, informs listeners that national ABC is now showing the game, but the local station decided to stick with Harry Potter. Then he proceeds to give out the station director's office phone number on the air. 2 minutes later the guy interrupts the commercial during Harry Potter to say it's not our fault and all of ABC is fissed out due the power outage.

Oh and the Utes scored 31-7 at half time (Wyoming's came on a freaky tipped ball). To me, this whole event reminds me of what happened to Apollo 13 in 1970, except instead of floating around in outer space between the Moon and the Earth, they are in the partial dark in the outer space of Laramie, Wyoming (you know, the place student Matthew Shepard was beaten to death for being gay in 1998).

Now it is 38-14. I wouldn't believe the whole set of events if I wasn't "there" myself.

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