Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Fellowship of America

At church today, the sermon was about All Saints Day and the fellowship we all had as Christians. I view it as a broader fellowship in a sense. A fellowship between all Americans.

We all live in this country, as as sad and concerned I am about the election results, I am not going to kill myself at Ground Zero like a man from Georgia did or flee to Canada like others have joked about. There is too much to leave, too much to forsake for personal distaste. Too many fights to engage in.

As I quoted Bill Clinton yesterday, we are all in this together. We are all in the fellowship of America. Like the characters of the JRR Tolkien novel, we are united in cause and in values. It doesn't involve a ring or necessarily evil (as bad as I think Cheney is), but in propigating our shared values as Americans: Freedom, Democracy, Responsibility, Hard Work, and the Rule of Law over Rulers or Religion.

Whether you live in the Blue states or the Red States, like I do, we can all get behind these values. How we achieve them is how we differ.

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