Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Worse than Ashcroft

I didn't think he could do it, but Bush managed to find a nominee for the AG spot worse than John Ashcroft: WH legal counsel Alberto Gonzales.

Remember Alberto? He's the author of the torture memos which the supreme court unanimously disgreed with (and the American people too). This is a man who will prevert any law or interpretation of the law to further his boss' manicial hold on power. Maybe he will figure out a way so Bush can run in 2008. Just makes me sick.

At least I found another laugh today. One was the tired attempts over at BOP at making my former workplace, the DLC, into the Democratic Party's boogy man that can be blamed of all ills and tell everyone they want to move to the right. Please read the threads and my counter attack (I'm DaveB).

The second good laugh was this site, which wants to be the grassroots site for the centrist-GOP ticket of McCain-Schwarzenegger. Their motto: "We'll sort this sh*t out!" By that, I think they mean the constitutional problems of a foriegn citizen running for Vice President. I am all for changing that part, as is my home state senator Orin Hatch. He wants Arnold, I want MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm. But then again, we can have both.

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