Monday, November 08, 2004

BCS bullhonky

I just read that despite remaining undefeated, Utah actually slipped from number 6 to number 7 in the BCS rankings, meaning they are not guarunteed a BCS bowl spot. As angry as I am, it just reminds me why I think College Football is so dumb.

The whole thing is completely dominated by about 15 or so teams. The only mystery each year is which one will do well and which ones will stink. Everyone else isn't allowed to play in their country club bowls. Each bowl is too greedy and self-important to allow a playoff system, which not only would make them more money in the long run but also create universal excitement for the sport closer to that of their more professional rivals, the NFL.

A school from a less important division doesn't get the chance to play against the big teams and thus have a tougher schedule because the big boys don't want to play a Utah or a Louisville because they are afraid of losing to them. Better to beat up on San Jose State and then have a close match with Texas A&M than try to win against an upstart like Boise State. Part of the problem here is that they have less games than other sports so if you lose more than one game, you will never be in the championship game (even one loss could keep you out).

Utah played this year against teams that are mostly bad but soundly beat two teams that play with the big boys and made some noise: North Carolina beat Floria, and #21 Texas A&M was in it against number 2 Oklahoma until the very end. Utah could not lose a single game this season and still not be allowed to play in a BCS bowl. Shame on them.

I get the biggest laugh when school officials say a playoff system would be bad because these "student-atheletes" would miss too much school. Like they care if these kids learn anything. They get free tutors so they don't fail, their teachers are known to be easy and told not to be too hard on them. In some cases, teachers even took tests for the athletes. Just ask the football jocks who went to Ohio State.

One could rotate the bowls around so that each gets to be the championship game and opening round. The whole thing could be done in 3 weeks. I know having a playoff system would be bad for columnists, who love to argue who really is number 1 like last year or the one before that. If they want it to revolve around polls, then why not go all the way and have it be like gymnasitcs or figure skating were the experts judge each move?

While the football players get free tuition, privileges, health care, etc. I believe they should just end the charade and pay college atheletes. We all know many got money on the side and that they are quasi professionals anyway.

There is big big money in college sports. Schools get millions to appear in bowls. Conferences get billions to sign up their league onto a network. Coaches get millions in salaries and endorsements. Why shouldn't the players who actually play the games and put butts in the seats get a piece of the pie?

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