Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Home for the holidays

Well, I don't have to go far, but it seems like a world away. Tonight I am going up with my fiancee to my parents for dinner and then dropping her off in the morning at the airport. She goes home to Chicago, and I will go back up to my parents, this time for the weekend (and Christmas).

We all these holiday traditions in my family, most of which I am looking forward too. Also, my sister is coming in tonight for the weekend which is cool since I haven't seen her in so long.

Speaking of which, I saw a kid from High School at the local bagel shop today (where I got a coffee) whom I had wondered about. He was the type of kid who wasn't school smart but you could tell is actually quite brilliant and creative. Appearantly he has patented (or is trying to do so) a music machine for DJs and performs up in Park City with this device. He and friends are trying to attract attention from the entertainment industry when the Sundance Film Festival starts in a month and a half (which of course is mainly in Park City, UT and not in Vail, CO as my East Coast friends think). I wish him the best of luck. He was one of those guys who, even though he lived in his parent's basement for a couple years and didn't go to college (as far as I know) was pretty smart and ambitious in his own way.

Certainly, he is a lot smarter than some of the over-degreed and under-accomplished people I know from all walks of life. I hope I really don't fit into either catagory.

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