Thursday, December 23, 2004

Small Lake City

This is what my mom calls it, and I think it is a great name. Because, at least where I shop and live my life, I tend to run into people that I know from elsewhere, like when I go to the airport.

Of course, this is happening all over the country, as people are cloistering themselves into ever-bluer/redder communities, even within Red or Blue states. This self-isolation and "purification" I think is a natural, if not an unfortunenate, human tendency. This is the kind of thing leads down the road to Civil War and Genocide.

Not that me shopping at CostCo will eventually lead me to join into a Holy War against Wal-Mart shoppers, but you get my point.

Posting will likely go down this weekend but I hope everyone enjoy Christmas or the fact that others are enjoying Christmas (like no lines at the movies or ski resorts, etc.)!

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