Friday, December 24, 2004

Eve and Hark

Well I hope you all are enjoying the weekend and Christmasness. My dad and I went up to Big Cottonwood Canyon and snowshoed up day creek, a short but steep climb. We went about 3 miles in total and saw about 10 people in total as well. Most of the time, it was just father-son bonding time. Not that we chatted, mostly it was huffing and puffing up the revenes in 17-23 degree clear skies. Say what you will about Utah's politics (and Lord knows I have), but the scenery here is specatular and reminds me why I love it here. I drank about 70 ounces of water on the trip thanks to my parents fancy Camelbaks. Afterwards, we ate a hearty lunch and plopped down to watch the NFL game.

What a life. My sister got Dankso shoes with my grandmother via my car (which I co-own with my fiancee). It was one of the best moments of my life when my sister was begging to use is tough being a little brother to a bossy big sister, and then marrying one. My mom went to her Pilates class in the morning too.

Tonight we go to my Father's female cousin's house (don't ask me to remember all those twice removed things) for our annual rotating family christmas party. My uncle Stewart and his family are in town from DC so it will be more fun than usual. My nuclear family is on help-mode as it is our year to host next year.

Depending on who hosts, the party can be very formal and fancy or very whatever. This one will be nice, but still have an air of whatever. We do a book exchange (of new books) and someone is assigned the job of Santa, or nowadays, elf. Part of the game of the night is too make sure some people in the family don't get too drunk and the race to make it to Saint Mark's midnight mass. Since these relatives live on Walker Lane and we have to help with the clean up, I doubt we will be able to make it, which will make me upset. I love singing Christmas carols, even if I am tone-deaf.

My personal favorite is "We three kings" because it has a funky beat, followed by "Hark! The herald Angels sing" as the best closer of all time. When I was a kid, I used to think that it was "Hark, the herdald angel, sings" and I thought Hark was such a terrible name. Gabreil's cool, but Hark?

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