Monday, December 27, 2004

On the flip side

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was great but I am excited to go back to my regular life of living on my own with my fiancee. Staying at my parents house makes me feel like a child, especially with my sister here to boss me around.

Her and my mom are trying out the bridesmaid dresses that my fiancee has picked out at David's Bridal, the perfect place when each bridesmaid is in another state. My groomsmen will do the male equivalent- Men's Warehouse.

Amidst the news blackout, a real story surfaced: the terrible Tsunami in South Asia and how preventable many of the 24,000 deaths were. If India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia (another other poorer neighboring nations like Bangladesh) had the same system for the Indian Ocean that they have in the Pacific where these things are more frequent, they would have had 15 minutes to evacuate the coasts.

The countries that bore the brunt of Sunday's tsunami had no notice of what was coming but the earthquake, the largest for 40 years, had been monitored by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Honolulu.

"We don't have contacts in our address book for anybody in that part of the world," National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration director Charles McCreery said.

The other story that is important is that Democracy triumphed over Cronyism and Corruption in the Ukraine with the Yushenko victory. Of course, there will be court challenges. Everyone wants to be like the Americans these days in some ways.

In Hollywood liberal news, Michael Moore is aiming his camera at Big Pharma after his unsuccessful attempt to dethrone Bush. "At least six drug companies have releases internal communications telling their employees to be ware of the scruffy baseball cap wearing filmmaker." AKA don't talk to him or you are fired. Like Jon Stewart and co., I never get why people go on camera with Moore who oppose his views. When was the last time they came off well?

As Jon Stewart says, "They like to be on the TeeVee."

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