Saturday, January 01, 2005

what a way to start a year

So last night, I tried to shuttle between first night, Olympus Cove in the driving snow with rear-wheel drive, and back again in 30 minutes. And I almost made it. I was at 200 E and 300 S when the fireworks started. But we were all a bit sad that cell phones on vibrate didn't buzz and that the hill to the girl's house was so steep. But, we all made it safely into the New Year.

It's a big year for me: my wedding, my father's 60th, my sister's 30th and who knows what else. So to make up for the grumpyness that comes with plans gone awry, today was made pleasurable.

First, we went to Sage Cafe and ate with all the well-to-do Vegans. Next, we had the state's best hot chocolate; it was like a melted chocolate bar at the Coco Cafe. After that, it was off to Park City where it was snowing while it was a nice clear day down in the valley. We looked at consignment stores, art galaries, resturants and the like down Historic Main Street, slipping along the slushy sidewalks. My toes are still a bit damp but it was fun.

The Utes play in the first (and perhaps last) BCS bowl game tonight in 40 minutes. I am looking forward to them destorying Pitt. Hope everyone enjoyed their journey into 2005.

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