Tuesday, December 28, 2004

sore all over

I went skiing with my future brother-in-law today, and while we didn't talk much, there was a good level of understanding. Per my calculations, it has been at least 2 years since the last time I skied, what with a trip to Coasta Rica and generally being a snow snob. Usually it has to have snowed, then be warm and sunny, but not too hot to make the snow slushy. But 80 inches at Alta were enough for me this time. In the morning I got a few Blacks under my belt and then had lunch after he finished with his lesson.

The Afternoon we skied down bright greens and I tried to instruct what has become somewhat second-nature to me as I have been skiing since I was six. Sore all over, we left at 4:30 and joined the malstrom down the canyon and went to dinner at my parents house with my Uncle Aunt and cousins in from Washington DC. It was pretty fun and I got fudge out of it.

Here is my quote of the day: "While you're watching it, you don't realize how confused you are, because it either makes sense from moment to moment or, when it doesn't, you're distracted by the sex. Life is like that." -Roger Ebert on Bad Education.

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