Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The most unsurprising news of the year

NY AG Eliot Spitzer: "I have decided I will run for governor in 2006," the New York Democrat said. "The state is at a point of crisis," he said. "The state is in dire need of leadership that will address budget issues, tax issues. We are bleeding jobs. We need reform in the process of government." His announcement comes just two days before the campaign committee stages a $1,000-a-person fund-raising lunch in Manhattan aimed at raising more than $2 million to add to its $5.5 million coffers.

And Eliot is the man to do it. A pro-business New Democrat who has gone after corporate crime when Bush's SEC looked the other way, Spitzer has been a headline whore for 4 years now and shouldn't have a name recognition problem. As NY Governor George Pataki's spokeswoman Lisa DeWald Stoll once said, "We all know that A.G. stands for aspiring governor."

Equally good for him, someone (maybe it was him) talked Chuck Shumer into staying in the Senate and taking over the DSCC job. I guess the idea is that Hillary might come begging to Chuck for money, but really, it will be the other way around.

The Journal reports of a Zogby poll which has Spitzer leading Gov. Pataki 44% to 41% of likely voters, with ex-NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, topping Spitzer, 52% to 36%. However, "Giuliani hasn't shown any interest in the governor's race." Psst, that's because he is planning on running for President, and a governor's race will just complicate things and force him to run to the center (away from his new found conservatism).

For what it is worth, The Third Avenue proudly endorses Spitzer for NY Governor. He's our kind of Democrat.

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