Thursday, December 09, 2004

One down...

Well I finished by Civil Procedure test today at noon and have thus far taken the afternoon off, having a leasurely lunch at Big Ed's (a hole-in-the-wall greesy spoon near campus) with some classmates and then shooting around University field house.

Now I am kicking it in my exercise gear. I think I will take off the rest of the day to clear my head before I dive into Torts over the weekend (8 hour take home starting at 8:00am on Monday).

Sorry for the lack of discussion of the days events. I have no idea what happened today. Except that stupid Scott Peterson case.

I will tell you, I am conflicted about the death penalty and would love to hear people's arguments for it. On the one hand, that NY Times article really summs up my problems with the death penalty: the administration. Those folks in Texas seem determined to kill, the facts be damned. Illinois had similar problems, but they are doing something about it, instead of thumbing their nose at the supreme court like the 5th circuit did. A 8-1 decision, and they copy and paste the one dissenting opinion (by none other than Clarance Thomas)in theirs? Terrible.

But I really have no problem killing Peterson, from all that I have read, he did a horrible crime and its a person who cannot be rehabilitated. In California, they spend more money per a prisoner than they spend per a college student in the UC system. Our country has its priorities all messed up.

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