Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Clark is back with a vengeance

I didn't watch it but per a Kos Diary, it sounds like my presidential candidate is back in action.

General Wesley Clark told Hardball's Chris Matthews in unequivocal terms that the nomination of Gonzales for AG was an outrage and unacceptable because Gonzalez believes (1) torture is permissible under American law;(2) that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint" (3) the President has unfettered power.

"How could Americans feel confident in the rule of law with an Attorney General who does not respect the most basic tenets of American law?"

Clark responded to Matthews by saying that he would indeed testify against anyone who signed off the documents Gonzales approved.

Good for him. He sounds like the guy that enchanted me in 2003. He is a straight shooter and an anti-politician in a time of out of control spin. I am glad there are still honest people who seek the highest office in the land. He still has my support. Wes is the best choice for 2008.

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