Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kabuki Theater

I am actionally glad that I missed the Debate over Ohio's electors and the posturing by all sides about voters. If the congress really cared about the voters there would be a nationalized election system, federally funded with clear rules on what is and is not allowed. How come we are the only Industrialized, non-post-Soviet nation that can't seem to have elections that isn't mired in doubt (1876, 1960, 2000, 2004)? What's so damned hard?

Instead I have been longing strangely to get back to school. At the bookstore I encountered classmates and chatted them up for a bit. Although I have 70 pages to read for the first day of Criminal Law, I am very excited to be taught by Judge Cassell. We even get to sit in on his proceedings later this month. By all accounts he is my type of conservative-- smart, consistant, and intellectually honest. Plus, he is supposed to be a good teacher to boot. Perhaps I am a big nerd, but I find all this stuff interesting and am excited to learn. I am also looking forward to doing Pro Bono projects this semester and seeing if I actually like the practice of public interest law or just the idea of it.

School starts on Monday; maybe I will get a head start this weekend. Oh by the way, the Utes are 4.5 in the nation after their Fiesta Bowl crushing of Pitt. I think they should have played a better team like Auburn or Texas. Personally, I always thought Texas and Oklahoma were overrated. But now that Urban Meyer is gone, I can go back to not caring about currupted College Football.

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