Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ethics reform

I agree with Bull Moose Blog, we need a Pennsylvania Avenue Project and get rid of the rampant cronyism and corruption from the GOP-controlled Congress to the GOP-controlled White House and K Street.

There is a big need to prevent former members of Congress and former White House employees from landing cushing jobs at big K Street lobbying outfits. Prime Example: ex- Energy and Commerce Chair Bill Tauzin, whose only delima was whether to go with the pharmacutical industry (who Rx drug benefit handout/legislation he drafted) or big music industry; he chose big Pharma and got $2 million a year. I think we need to go further and get a no nepotism clause for government jobs and lobbying. Linda Dashcle should not be allowed to lobby for the airline industry anymore than Orin Hatch's son gets to land a huge job in a law/lobbying firm. It should be easier to bring charges against members of Congress for violating the law and the so-called Ethics committee needs to get some dentures after DeLay and Co. knocked out all its teeth.

This a fight Democrats can win. They lost the house in 1994 because of scandal and arrogance of power (and raising taxes and the gun control bill), they can win it back by being the party of Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

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