Thursday, July 21, 2005

Photo of the Day

credit: Joan's Lewis & Clark Geek Page/DailyKos

I am sure this was just a party gag, but when you get your picture wearing a button like that, which is making a false statement about something that has prompted a Grand Jury investigation with Special Prosecutor...It ain't all that funny anymore. Especially when you are posing with the rotting corpse who started the whole mess. I have seen Novak in person, and he really is a short, giagantic headed, nastly fat, old white man.

Don't those two make a pair though? They sure deserve each other, as goes CNN and Novak for their little lovefest and spiral down the tubes. It feels like it was only yesterday that they were a respectible world leader in 24 reporting. Now...they are Fox News, Jr. At least CNN international is like the CNN of old, only with more caring about the world around the US. Personally, if I could swap the two without going to super fancy cable, I would.

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