Friday, August 11, 2006

Articles that leave out the real story

In the Salt Lake Tribune today, we get this enigmatic headline: "Leavitt makes surprise SUU visit"

Gee, why would Former Governor Leavitt unexpectedly show up at Southern Utah University?

Could it be he needed to take care of his laundry?

Leavitt pretended to be there about "he need for Americans to get fit and stay fit." Yet when questions returned to his sham charity, he refused to talk to reporters. "I'm not doing interviews," he said. "I'm on vacation."

Meanwhile, the Washington Post that other local paper, decides to mention a trival bit of news for their article on Leavitt:
The Internal Revenue Service plans to audit a foundation that channeled tax-deductible donations from the Leavitt family through Southern Utah University back to the Leavitts in the form of student rent for family-owned student housing,

Why leave this key item in the story? Apparantly this news was broken by the Trib itself. So why not connect the dots or raise the issue? Mark my words, Leavitt may have to resign for "personal reasons" in a few months. I am no tax expert, but this looks pretty nefarious. Finally something is sticking to Governor Teflon, even if he is now Secretary of HHS.

Is there a non-corrupt/crony Republican in power in Washington these days? Please name one for me, because I can't think of one off the top of my head.

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