Thursday, August 10, 2006

McKinney's conspiracy theory redux

ex-Rep. Cynthia McKinney lost (again) a primary to a mainstream Democrat. And just like in 2002, she is blaming Republicans and Diebold for her loss, not her record of insanity.
“We aren’t going to tolerate any more stolen elections,” Ms. McKinney said in her concession speech, though crossover voting is legal in Georgia.
Under Georgia’s system, voters may choose either a Republican or a Democratic ballot in the primary election. If there is a runoff, primary voters must stick with the party they originally selected, but voters who did not vote in the primary are free to vote for either party.

Even if GOPers voted 100% for her opponent, that still wouldn't have been enough to unseat her by the 13 points she lost by. This too, is like 2002. I guess we should be thankful that her and her father aren't blaming the Jews for this one as well...although they tried to insinuate that all of ex. County Commissioner/Congressman-elect Hank Johnson's money was coming from Jews.

I am glad that Tuesday night was a massacre night for incumbents. Joe, Cynthia and endangered species sane GOPer Tim Schwartz (who was targeted by Club for Growth much more than targeted Lieberman) all went down hard. All deserved it for being out of touch with their constituents. Joe and Tim's constituents wanted a partisan, not a faux-compromiser. Cynthia's wanted a non-embarressing member of congress.

In other news, I don't buy this latest "thwarted Al Qaeda attack." Maybe all the manipulation and abuse of intelligence, the scaremongering, and lies of the Bush Administration has jaded me so that when their really is a wolf, I don't believe it. But why does Al Qaeda only threaten the U.S. at the end of the summer/early fall of even numbered years, just when the GOP looks like they might lose an election?

How many times last year was there a terror alert...that's right zero. And don't tell me the British were behind it, weren't they the stodges behind the "yellow cake?" Tony Blair is really the UK's version of Joe Lieberman. He used to be a respectable Third Way New Labour/New Democrat, but now he thinks being strong on security is supporting Bush's foreign policy without question or hesitation. The British public might soon can Blair like CT voters nixed Lieberman.

And I suspect that Lieberman will be crushed in November. He will lose a significant chunck of his primary supporters and overtime the rest of CT voters will grow weary of selfish Joe. This all started in 2000 when he refused to just run for VP, such that had Gore actually been inaugurated, now-convicted felon then GOP Governor would have picked CT's senator to replace Joe. It all went down hill from there. People say Joe was just following Gore's terrible adivsors strategy about being soft on Cheney. But once Joe realized (and he should have) that Cheney was trying to be CEO grampa and not the truely evil man he is, he should have ditched the script and gone for the juggular. And Lieberman shouldn't have nixed Gore's decision making on the military ballots during the recount. And on and on I could go. But we all know how it ended: with Karl Rove calling Joe Lieberman after losing his primary, and Joe accepting the call. Joe's people claim Karl never offered consultants/staff/money etc. But Karl's people say otherwise...and this point, I trust Karl on his political strategem. It is not in his interests to make Joe look bad.

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