Monday, August 07, 2006

Gregerson is an idiot

In a jailhouse interview with the media, he claimed that "It wasn't a full-fledged confession," to the FBI. "I told them the basics, and they filled in the gaps and exaggerated the details. I don't think what I said will hurt my case."

Um yeah it will because what you said helped them get a warrant and then they found A DEAD GIRL IN TUPPERWARE IN YOUR BASEMENT. The also did an autopsy and found that you had had sex with her AFTER SHE WAS DEAD. So unless you can through out the confession, and/or contest the warrant, and/or cast doubt on the autopsy, you might be executed because of your confession, so I think that might have hurt your case.

Gregerson decided also to nip the insanity defense in the bud, saying "I was sane when this happened." Also he is appearantly really bad at PR, and is prejudicing himself against the jury:
Gregerson was calm during the interview, according to KSL-TV, and at several points had a "perpetual grin" on his face. He denied reports that he helped look for Destiny during the massive community searches or attending candlelight vigils for the girl.
"When I saw that on the news I laughed because it wasn't true," the television station quoted him as saying.

He also decided it was a good idea to introduce the porno defense:
When asked why he did it, Gregerson reportedly said: "I really want to answer that, but my lawyer is preventing me from doing that right now in light of the case. I can tell you this: I have now become a strong advocate against pornography."
When pressed, Gregerson told KSL-TV that he was "addicted to pornography at one point . . . it was ruining my life and affecting my relationship with my wife."

Brilliant stuff. I hope this moron's lawyer is smart enough to be able to talk Gregerson into shutting up and taking a guilty plea. That's his best shot.

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