Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clarence Thomas, part II

Wherein the Tribune has a hissy fit that it wasn't clued into what was happening:
At least, according to those who attended the private events this week.
The greater public had no access to Thomas. U. law school Dean Hiram Chodosh said he decided to keep the overnight visit under wraps because he worried that public attention would inhibit an open exchange with students.
The law school invited Thomas a year ago and used money from a private endowment to pay for his trip.
Thomas met with about 40 students leaders on Tuesday and then participated in a dinner reception at the home of U. President Michael Young.
The justice didn't address the group; rather he mingled with people such as Senate
President John Valentine and Brigham Young University Professor Thomas Lee.

Sorry reporters. Thomas didn't constrain what we asked him, or who spoke to him, or whatever. He is just a private person. Sometimes, we forget that these large, powerful figures are humans.

My dinner last night was mostly a hob-nob session. The food took forever to be there but Utah Justice Nehring was at my table and was quite interesting. I really had a better impression of Thomas as a person...although I could see how he could be a sexual harrasser...but not his opinions.

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