Wednesday, April 04, 2007

teaser revealed

Well, all my fun was spoiled by someone who talked to the Salt Lake Tribune and told them who was coming: Associate Justice Clarance Thomas.

I didn't tell you because our Dean specifically said don't talk about this because the U.S. Marshals want to put in metal detectors etc. For security reasons--the man gets lots of death threats--it was all supposed to be on the down low.

Like I said before, I disagree with Justice Thomas on almost every issue. I also had the impression prior to law school that if one wanted to know what Justice Thomas thought on an issue, one should ask Justice Scalia what he thinks. Over time, I have read many a US Supreme Court opinion. And while I still strongly disagree with him, I have grown to respect the Justice more.

His points on some issues, especially race, are interesting and worth mulling about. I am just glad he is still part of the crazy conservative minority (but just barely). It is nice to read his dissenting opinions and chuckle or read his majority opinions on non-ideological issues.

But for me, the bad news of the detainee cases was greatly lessened by the terrific news about the global warming case, Massachusetts v. EPA. The best part was how Stevens expanded the standing doctrine and Chief Justice Roberts was left huffing with his other 3 friends. Plus, I have hope that the 110th Congress will overturn the Military Commissions Act and allow the court to go back to protecting Habeas Corpus.

Oh and on a side note, Yale students burned the flag. I guess it really is starting to be Vietnam over again. Maybe we will see yet another flag burning case, despite the three cases that held a law banning it violates the First Amendment.


JM Bell said...

Did you give him a piece of your mind? Was he drinking a can of Coke?

No details from dinner?

Marshall said...

Do you agree with General Clark's position on flag burning?

I think the Democrats should introduce a constitutional amendment that would ban selling any product with the American flag on that was made in another country, then watch the repugs howl and we'll see exactly what side of the issue they are on.

Comrade O'Brien said...

You might be interested in our ongoing Orwellian protest of the Military Commissions Act. Check out for further instructions.