Friday, April 06, 2007

Hatch calls a lie a blooper

Wherein Orin does his best Cheney impersonation by agreeing with big fat lies from the big fat lier himself [Limbaugh]:
[Hatch] singled out fired U.S. attorney for Southern California, Carol Lam, stating: "She's a former law professor with no prosecutorial experience and was the former campaign manager in Southern California for [Bill] Clinton."
Wrong, wrong and wrong.
Lam's official biography shows that she was the assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego for 14 years and served as a San Diego Superior Court judge before being appointed U.S. attorney by the Bush administration.
She was never a law professor and was not involved in Bill Clinton's campaigns.
Hatch was repeating the same misinformation Rush Limbaugh spewed about Lam on his national radio program. What wasn't mentioned by Hatch or Limbaugh was that prior to her firing, Lam was investigating at least one Republican congressman in connection with the bribery scandal that led to the conviction of former Republican Rep. Duke Cunningham.

Hatch repeated this bogus claim on "Meet the Press" which Cheney also used to get out his message back in the day. Hatch had to write Tim Russert a letter of apology, noting that he had "confused" Lam for Lam's predecessor, Alan Bersin, who was all those things he used to tar Lam.

Oh but that's not all. Sen. Hatch also decided to call the kettle black on conservative blacks and latinos:
"I'm not calling them racist," Hatch said Thursday in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune. "I don't believe anybody in the Senate is racist. But it certainly is questionable that they treat this man this way.
"What bothers me is that if you have a minority, like [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas, like Alberto Gonzales, who is conservative, then the other side, who claim they are so civil-rights oriented, they always treat them as though they're just not capable of doing these jobs," Hatch said.

What bothers me is when people say "don't mean to be rude" or "I am not saying they are racist" when in reality, they are being rude or saying someone is racist. Plus, there are racists in the Senate: heard of Trent Lott? ex-Sen. George Allen? or the most obvious of them all ex-Sen. Strom Thurmond?

If AG Ashcroft has still been around with this purge scandal had happened, and he had handled it the same way Gonzales did, I and many others would be calling for his resignation or impeachment in the same way as Gonzales. I don't think Alberto's race has anything to do with it. What matters is that he never stopped being George W. Bush's attorney and never started being the chief law enforcement officer of the US government.

Hatch's problem is that Kyle Sampson was his guy, and Hatch is having to take the stage as a chief apologist for this Aministration's illegalities and incompetencies. Sen. Hatch is full of lies and he knows it, but he has no option but to bluff his way out of this one at this point.

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