Saturday, August 28, 2004

Administative update

dear third aveuners,

as you might notice, I have added a few more links on the side (groan, you have way too many already). Two of them are blogs, one is of an acquantince of mine from my past job at the DLC called New Donkey, which is being pushed by Josh Marshall and other mainline Democrats. It seems to be Ed Kilgore unplugged, but I am not sure who exactly is writing it. I must say though, allowing commentary would be nice and not seem so comperable to George Bush's campaign site.

The other blog is of a High School friend of mine, called the Guatemalan Word Project. He writes the most amazing emails from all his world travels and adventures, and so a couple of us indenpendently convinced him to start a travel dairy of sorts. I think he would make a great addition to the New York Times Travel page. He is the kind of soul that is brilliant, but restless and traveling is perfect for him. And if you are reading this, happy birthday buddy!

Lastly, there is PolticalWire, who gave us all such great scoops on exit polls and other gossip. Oh and This is Rumor Control has been on there for awhile but I didn't plug it. Basically, it is a group of disgrunted but anonymous journalists who can see the U.S. lurching towards another war with Iran. I sure hope they are wrong.

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