Tuesday, August 24, 2004

First Real Day

So this morning I decided to ride my bike to campus for the first time and see if that was nice. I don't know if I will do it again, maybe if I want to get back and forth quickly. Anyway, class was pretty OK today. I had a bit of trouble spotting my TA for our lunch meeting. I am in a group with 3 people whom I have all the same classes with: Mikelle, Mike, and Justin. All of them seem nice, including the TA. I am annoyed with the LDS Law Student Association already. (LDS stands for Latter Day Saints which is what Mormons call themselves, their church is called the church of jesus christ and latter day saints) Why you ask? They sent out an email announcing their lunch meeting to the entire student body. If I am not a mormon, nor a mormon who wants to join this group, why do I care about this meeting? Personally, I don't like people's religion being shoved in my face and being made inferior or impious for not doing something. These holier-than-thous can, in the famous words our hopefully future first lady "shove it"

My fiancee's family left this afternoon but their flight is tied up by a rare case of rain/thunderstorms in the SL Valley.

On to other news, Kerry's team were a bit slow this month, but the last two weeks they have really made up for it, putting Bush on notice that Kerry will not be bullied by Georgie's thugs and thug-tatics. His appearance on the Daily Show tonight is recognition that if you want to reach out to young and/or informed voters, this is how you do it. You are not going to convince anyone by appearing on a Sunday talk show or softball Larry King Live at this point.

Equally pleasing is the tough response ads Kerry is running this week and the tough talk by the candidate himself in Boston and NYC. The Bush family is famous for its underhandedness (See Horton, Willie) and out-and-out lying to get what they want, a win (see South Carolina primary, McCain). The right wing can keep trying to smear him, but Kerry has put them on notice that he won't take it lying down and he will force the media to evalute their claims (instead of pretending to be "balanced" by saying people can disagree about what happened). Their are facs as to what happened: Naval Records, 3rd party accounts (AKA not people Kerry puts on his ads), etc. There are also arbitors of what smells, namely John McCain, who had the same experience Bush proxies with even flimsier evidence against him in 2000.

I am off to CostCo for some shopping. Let me know if you need a barrel full of mayo.

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