Thursday, August 26, 2004

Going through the motions

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had a pretty busy day of class non-stop. I also woke up 2 minutes before one of my classes was to start so I had no time to brush my teeth and put on deodorant etc. So I felt really gross all day.

Today I got a bit more sleep and more organized. My fiancee is out getting the car tuned up because her and her dad worry about every little thing. But I guess he has a car from 1985 that is still running well, so it is worth it I suppose.

I watched Kerry's Daily Show appearance in rerun last night, and I came away with a couple impressions. He is still basically the guy I didn't want to have win in 2003; a charmless stereotypical politican who would vote against his own shaddow if it would help him win. On the other hand, he does have some good ideas for reform in the system and he will throughly investigate the wrongdoings of the current investigation.

Kerry dragged out this SBVT story another day by sending up his parapalegic former colleague and "Brother in Arms" Max Clelland to hand a letter by Democratic Senators asking Bush to condem the ads. Of course, Bush has his own surrogate block him from getting there, despite claiming that Max "wheeling around so fast." That stunt was cheap, but it forced Bush's spokesman said BC04 is joining McCain in his lawsuit against 527s (but not joining McCain in specifically condeming the Switfies ads).

As the Post points out

The action promised today by McClellan is largely symbolic. There is virtually no chance that a lawsuit could be resolved before the Nov. 2 election. But the Bush campaign is eager to regain its footing on the issue after Benjamin L. Ginsberg, the chief outside counsel to the campaign, resigned Wednesday after revealing that he had done work for the Swift Boat group. The campaign had denied any ties between it and the Swift boat veterans group.

Bush et al is trying to kill this story before it drowns out his nice little propaganda fest called the GOP convention. However, whenever the nat'l conversation has been Bush-focused, we've seen Kerry bump up in the polls. And it is this phenomenon that presents an interesting problem for the Bushies going into next week. Why is this so? Because if the media did its job, most people other than die-hard conversatives would still vote for Georgie if they knew about all the bad things he has done, or left undone.

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