Friday, August 27, 2004


Well, I just back from a great film Garden State and just one thing bothers me: what is the name of that song that they use in the commercial and end credits? It is so good, although I can't understand a word of the lyrics. That film is kind of an extreme version of what everyone my age kind of goes through. I am doing a mini-Beehive State right now.

The dad (the dude who played Bilbo Baggins) in the movie feels that the son should feel remorse for accidently paralyizing his mother when he was 9. But as a result, the dad (who's a shrink) pumped up the son (played, written and directed by Zack Braff) on drugs since then that he can't feel anything. Who should feel sorry?

Well I will tell you someone who feels sorry former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes who says in this video that he helped George W. Bush get into the guard when he was LG and he feels bad about it now looking back at how he helped donors and rich people (daddy was a congressman at the time). If that link doesn't work, try this raw link

Lap it up. By the way, Barnes is a Democrat and has endorsed John Kerry, but Texas Democrats and Texas Republicans are usually more civil towards each other, its a Southern thing.

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