Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Another sign that Kerry is unoriginal

"The big hang-up was George Bush wanted to get life lines, you know, so he could call somebody" -- Kerry on the WH '04 debates ("Live With Regis and Kelly," 9/21/04).

"Bush asked the moderator if he could use one of his lifelines" -- Colin Quinn on the WH '00 debates ("SNL," NBC, 12/11/99).

"After three questions, he had used up two of his lifelines" -- David Letterman on the WH '00 debates ("Late Show," CBS, 12/3/99).

"George W. was asked a question and he said, 'Regis, I'd like to use one of my lifelines'" -- Conan O'Brien on the WH '00 debates ("Late Night," NBC, 12/2/99).

Oh well, at least he hasn't led this nation into the toilet like GWB.

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