Friday, September 24, 2004

Hey if the Bible/Torah/Quran says so...

Last night, my fiancee and I were prepping for our Sunday meeting with the priest that is going to marry us in June. So we were looking in the Book of Common Prayer (basically a do-it yourself manual for Episcopalians wanting to perform various ceremonies) on marriage stuff. In it, they suggest passages in the Bible for readings, some from the old testiment, some from the new. Luckily, I also had my Bible which (along with the book of common prayer) I got when I was confirmed in 1992. We didn't like any of the New Testament ones, but we liked the passage from the Song of Solomon they suggested. In the bible, I found a business card of my dad's where I had writen a note: "Lev. 13:40" So I looked it up and I laughed so hard, especially because I used my dad's business card (who's bald). Here's what it said: "If anyone loses the hair from his head, he is bald but he is clean."

Words to live by.

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