Thursday, September 23, 2004

Now that's mature

Local NPR station host Doug Fabrizio asked the Republican SL County Mayor Nancy Workmman about her claims that the independent, bipartisan panel that had recommended the charges was beholden to Democratic District Attorney David Yocom (who has supported her oposition) because they signed an oath. The host specifically asked about Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson, a Republican. Nancy, in a huff, stormed off the set. Here's the dialogue.

"Doesn't seem plausible, mayor, does it?" Fabrizio asked. "I mean, [Bryson] may have signed an oath, but you really don't respect Kay Bryson's independence or integrity? Forget the technicalities -"

Workman interrupted. "Oh, my goodness. Hey, if you're going to talk like that -"

"Talk like what?" Fabrizio asked.

"See ya later Doug. Thank you very much." Trailing off, she adds: "That's bad news. That's bad news. Thank you."

Wu you do that?

In other news, lone Asian-American Congressman David Wu (D-WA) is being targeted by the NRCC. Now, this is the first ad I have seen of his, and you too (click here).

If you have a slow connection, Wu compares bungee jumping to privatizing Social Security. It is risky, and old people won't like it/want to do it. Pretty light-hearted attack ad, and has the added bonus of making him look nice and extreme sporty.

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