Friday, June 10, 2005

Earth to Joe Biden

I guess Biden wants to be the Joe Lieberman of 2008. He will be the pathetic, beltway C.W. candidate that is shocked that real people don't like him as much as DC pundits do.

And why do they like Biden? Because he sounds serious, is/was chair of an "important" committe, foreign relations, and makes good copy by canibalizing his own party members.

Look, readers of my blog know I am not a great fan of HoHo, and that I thought he shoots a bit too much from the hip. But there is no need for a safe senator from the blue state of Delaware to critique, nor is there one from a never contested super-liberal district in San Francisco (paging Minority Leader Pelosi). If it was Ben Nelson, I would understand. Or even Harold Ford, Jr. I get, but Joe "MBNA" Biden?

The majority of the GOP's base and elected officials are white and christian conservatives. There is no two ways about it. They get lots of support from Cubans, but that is about the only minority supporters and elected they have besides a smattering of African-Americans and non-Cuban Hispanics nation wide.

I hope this brings in big bucks for the DNC like all the people on DailyKos and MyDD say it is, but those places are filled with Deaniacs and the echo chamber twists your perspective.

So I end with this: Joe Biden, you will fail miserably and like Lieberman only win Delaware if you run for president. No one likes you in the party. You are a blow hard. Why don't you just retire so the council on foreign relations can hire you and you can pontificate to people that care to hear self-important pompuous know-it-alls? And then on the side you can lobby for your beloved credit card companies and banks that are impoverising and endebting the nation.

Oh and Delaware annoys me, get rid of that terrible toll bridge.

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