Monday, June 06, 2005

T-minus 12 days

So my lack of posting is for a reason: I am busy at work and then when I get home I have to dedicate myself to aiding my bride as much as I can in finishing up wedding planning. The event is occurring in 12 days as you might of guessed.

Some other things are also on my mind however. And so in no particular order and in typical roving mind manner, we begin with my weekend roundup.

What's said in Vegas, should stay in Vegas: "Half of you will fall asleep, 25 percent of you will drift off into some sexual fantasy, and the other 25 percent of you are going to pay attention."-- Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) on giving a speech after lunch, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/6 (By the way, this man is running for Governor and Sen. Reid will only lukewarmly endorse the Democrat per the non-aggression pact.)

And what's with the Media's obsession with white women? I feel like we are back in the day when all of western society was built around trying to "protect" white women from men, especially black men. Women of other ethnicities and races go missing every day, but they don't get round the clock coverage on the cable news networks. But Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, the Runaway Bride, and that woman lost in Aruba all do/did. There is a more subtle version of racism today than in turn of the last century, but this coverage just shows that our society hasn't progressed as much as we would like to think it has.

Either that, or the media thinks this is what we want to hear: Michael Jackson trial coverage, a lost middle-class white woman, and political "balance." To me it shows just how out of touch and arrogant the media have become, especially with the memory of the last bit of real reporting-- Watergate resurfacing with the name of Deep Throat.

On to Political Balance. Many have said, and I agree, that if Watergate had happened today (Bush had ordered a snooping on Terry and Kerry with idiot goons and gotten caught) that Bush would not have the same fate as Nixon. One reason is the media is filled with the Right Wing Noise Machine, GOP loyalist who will tout talking points to save their party figurehead and not the principles of their party. Another reason is that the GOP controls congress and it would take a long time for those clowns to get off their duffs and investigate the crime. A third is that Bush has a lot of more charisma than Nixon ever did.

And really this is so true because in my opinion sending our nation off to a optional war based on lies and deception is much worse a crime than trying to bug the DNC and then trying to cover it up (and is certainly much worse than having oral sex with an White House intern). When will congress investigate WMD-gate? When will the media care? Well again the problem is that they are co-conspirators/willing accomplices in the whole mess (paging Ms. Miller).

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