Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Most embarrassing headline ever

" What's up with Hispanics? Learn Spanish and find out Ogden Standard-Examiner.

I know the author means well, but the whole thing comes off as ignorant white Americans. After reading the article, it gets better:
A few years ago, I attacked Utah's pathetic "English as the official language" bill and got a pile of letters that were, to be frank, racist. Writers saw the bill as a way to prevent Hispanic gangs and illegal aliens, although it did nothing about either problem. If all else failed, the letters just ranted about "them."

But "them" are not going anywhere. Like my German immigrant grandparents, "them" are "us." That's America.
Indeed, I like the idea and tone of the article-- get to know another language and don't jump to racist stereotypes. But whomever wrote the headline needs to be slapped. Although I guess it did get my attention.

When was the last time I read anything in the Ogden Standard-Examiner? Maybe in 2002 for the coverage of the First District Race which I thought was going to be much closer than it was.

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