Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I feel a blogstorm coming

I am joining in on the brewing blogstorm today for Pete Ashdown for US Senate. I hope and dream that he will replace my current hack senator, Orrin Hatch.

Yesterday, Wired Magazine, where my former boss (from my first job out of college) used to work, wrote a great article on Pete. For my readers, I urge you to read the article. It shows that Ashdown understands technology and the power of the internet more than any politican. Afterall, he founded a local ISP here. Pete's campaign has a wiki, and he opposes the draconian Digital Milenium Copyright Act (DMCA) which the more I learned about in my intro to IP class at law school, the less I liked about it.

Partisan politics aside, it would great for the internet to have such a smart and stauch advocate in the senate who could explain to his fellow senators the impact of various legislation on the development of technology that keeps the US economy going.

Here are some of the growing number of sites talking about Ashdown today (I think all or mostly local bloggers), let's gin up some support for Pete!
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