Monday, August 16, 2004

First day

Well I just awoke from a nap (4:30 MST) after my first day of law school. I wasn’t napping because today was particularly grueling; if anything I was bored into sleep. My upstairs neighbor in the apartment building has a knack of starting to make noise just when I am trying to get to sleep, whether it is 10 PM or 1 AM. He used to launder a million pairs of pants in the middle of the night (we are told he is a traveling pants salesman) until my fiancée gave him a stern talking to. For my part, I leaned against the doorframe menacingly with my arms crossed (I am shy). Next, he moved on to watching TV late at night. I am not sure whether it is the hardwood floor that amplifies his noise or just his general insensitivity, but it is annoying nonetheless whenever he walks on the balls of the feet.

I met some interesting fellows in my class of 135 people (demographics, 50-some odd women, 22 countries, and a whopping 13 minorities…which sadly enough is still better than the state average). At my table for lunch was a geneticist, a computer scientist, an economist, and myself, a political hack. They all seemed smart and nice enough. Oh a kid from my high school who was always a high-achiever (and high-stresser) in the class below me is now in my law school class. So there are two ivy leaguers in this class at least too (he went to Yale).

(9:18 MST) Sorry this post is so delayed. Right as I was writing this, my uncle informed me via email that my grandmother had fallen and fractured her shoulder. My fiancée and I naturally drove over there and helped her out with my parents who were fixing a “CostCo dinner” of roasted chicken, salad, and bread. Anyway, it was a free dinner and my parents were dying to hear about my first day of law school anyway. Since she is currently unemployed and gets along famously with my Grammy, my fiancée will be coming by tomorrow to take her back to the hospital and hang out with her. Both went to women’s colleges and are (correspondingly?) very tough, smart cookies. Very similar personalities.

Anyway, hope all is well in your world and in the one we all share.

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