Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Only Tuesday?

I hate to whine but getting up this morning at 7:50 was really tough. I had gotten like zero sleep again, but this time it was due to my fiancee eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed and the humidity, on top of previous days sleep deprevation.

Boy I have become so intolerant of moisture now that I live in a desert. I am sure a couple months ago I would have gladly opened the window to enjoy the cool, dry air.

This morning's discussion didn't help any. I really don't need to know about programs and services that aren't possible for me to do until my second year spring semester at 8:30. The best part of the day to me was the law class. Professor Lund is very funny and very socratic.

Many upperclassmen and women have said he is super tough, but they loved his classes and learned so much. I can see why. He comes up with pretty amusing hypotheticals (which is like 90% of law school) and can really bour into students. The guy next to me really got rattled even though he was doing fine. I didn't see what the big deal was. It is perfectly OK to be wrong in this class and in any real law school class. I got some answers right and some I was a bit off but it doesn't count normally and certainly not now.

The lack of internet connection was really annoying me, however. They had this whole talk about how email and wireless internet would be all ready by today yesterday, but nothing worked. Even more annoying was that our voluntary lunch with upper classmen/women to bond and ask Q was a bust. Either 8 of us misheard the Deans or the 2L/3L never showed. Plus the A/C was on super high so that I froze my butt off. But hey, at least I got a free giant bag of chips (I had sun chips 3x the normal snack size) and soda out of it (I had iced tea, to make me feel slightly healthier).

Today 's oreintation sessions ended with a time-management /study lecture. It sounded so promising that, even though optional (we have to sign in on a sheet for the mandatory stuff) , most 1Ls were there. Too bad it was a rehash of the same old same old. The only advice I learned was that I have to shedule out my study and freetime as well as my classes.

By 5 PM, I was whiped out and stumbled home. Hopefully I can fall asleep tonight.

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