Thursday, August 19, 2004

McGreeving over McGreevey

So DSCC chair Senator Jon Corzine has turned down running for governor since McGreevey said he won't resign until November 15 (to avoid a special election and basically appoint the NJ Senate President governor until 2005).

And now, SNL alum Joe Piscopo has, according to the New York Daily News,
has confirmed that "some prominent business guys" are "trying to persuade him to run" for McGreevey's seat. Is that funny ha-ha? Is he a clown to you?

I will tell you what, the news makes me laugh, but he doesn't. Why can't The Boss run? If I was from New Jersey, I would vote for Springstein. Or even Jon Bon Jovi for that matter. If the GOP were smart, they would try to get Bruce, but I don't think he will say yes to them. Jovi has already been "outed" as a Democrat anyway.

And on a fun note here is the quote of the day:

"I gambled, drank alcohol, worked in a topless, bottomless club, smoked marijuana, drove hookers around in a 1971 green Ford Pinto, took hookers home and a host of other activities that I should not have done" -- NV 01 candidate Lewis Byer (R)

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